California Educational Technology Association



CETA is a group of educators commited to helping schools develop their technology programs in order to improve student achievement and enhance school management capabilities. By evaluating site resources and usage, CETA consultants provide functional solutions to many school management functions and curricular needs.

CETA consultants are working administrators who deal with current educational issues on a daily basis, and have wide expertise in all areas of educatonal technology.

CETA consultants include:


Jack Jarvis M. A.

Director, CEO

Mr. Jarvis is recognized as a technology leader in Fresno Unified School District, where he serves as principal at Hidalgo Elementary School. As an Apple Distinguished Educator, he provides input to Apple Computer, and support to other educators in utilizing Apple products. Mr. Jarvis has created numerous solutions and curricular enhancements using Excel, Filemaker, PowerPoint, Director, and many other applications. He is skilled in both Macintosh and Windows platforms. Visit our Examples page to see some of his work.

In addition, Mr. Jarvis is a musician with a degree in music composition, and has created soundtracks for numerous industrial multimedia projects.

Daniel L. Cabe M. A.

Consultant Partner

Mr. Cabe is the technology coordinator at Hidalgo Elementary School. He has been a technology teacher for 8 years at several schools in Fresno Unified. With a M.A. degree in educational technology, Mr. Cabe has a wide body of knowledge, especially in the areas of networks and system maintenance. Mr. Cabe is a skilled computer teacher, and equally successful with teachers and students. He also is skilled in both Macintosh and Windows platforms, and has taught a wide variety of grade levels during his years in the classroom.

Mr. Cabe is an expert in the implementation of Accelerated Reader, and is notorious for running networks and labs that never go down!